Global Warming: brought to you by...
America's leading power companies

It's America's Power Companies.

In fact, power companies every year emit so much carbon dioxide, it's as though there were over 489,000,000 more average passenger cars on the road.

Now, America's ratepayers have the chance to speak out. Every month when you send your electric bill to your power company, you have the right to know that they are doing everything they can to deal with global warming. They're a big part of the problem, so they need to be a big part of the solution. Here at, you can:

Find out:

  • how much global warming pollution your power company is responsible for each year;
  • how many cars it would take to equal the global warming pollution from your company;
  • and how much global warming pollution is emitted to meet the needs of the average customer.

Write to your Senators and urge them to work to the get global warming problem under control.

Global warming is being brought to you by America's power companies. Join the effort to hold your power company accountable.

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