Joe Mills CD Cover

(See below for details about the project.)

Front Cover
CD front cover


Back Cover & Spines
CD spineCD back coverCD spine

Project Details

Joe Mills, an accomplished DC-area actor, was beginning a new career as a voice talent for commercials and videos. Getting a CD with voice samples heard was the first hurdle — on a given project, an advertising agency or producer might have dozens of samples to go through.

Joe brought in e.designs to create CD packaging that would elevate him above the crowd. The CD jewel case spine was particularly important, because the disk needed to stand out in a stack or on a shelf. e.designs created an integrated design that uses high-contrast colors to grab attention, plus visual elements that build on themselves through repetition and variation, starting with Joe's face, which begins as a stylized image on the front cover and finishes as a black and white photo on the back. The spines use a subtle visual joke, with the bright green band continuing around from the back cover to pop the word "talent" out of the phrase "voice talent." The result is distinctive, engaging and a little bit fun — exactly the qualities Joe wanted to project.

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