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Ad: Biscuit Fire Sale
This ad was designed for the Heritage Forest Campaign to run in Congress Daily to highlight logging sales carried out in the Siskiyou National Forest under the guise of salvage after the 2002 "Biscuit" fire.

Biscuit Ad

CD Cover: Joe Mills
Joe Mills, an accomplished DC-area actor, was beginning a new career as a voice talent for commercials and videos and needed a distinctive cover for his sample disk to help it stand out from the pack.

Joe Mills CD cover

Centerpiece: Lisa Holley and Brian Lounsbury
Lisa and Brian were married at the Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore and asked several friends to create centerpieces for tables at the reception. This was my contribution, a three-panel piece (essentially a triptych, but arranged as a three-sided column) prepared in three days (and at the last possible second). I wrote the poems, too.

Holley/Lounsbury centerpiece

CD Label: Roadless Comment Period Background Materials
The Heritage Forests Campaign needed to distribute materials to the media and to groups around the country that were helping to generate comments to the U.S. Forest Service about proposed changes to the Roadless Area Conservation Rule.

HFC CD label

Ad: Global Warming
This ad was for National Environmental Trust to run in Congress Daily on the eve of a possible vote on a global warming resolution in the U.S. House of Representatives. It was designed to highlight the breadth of media coverage and public support for action on climate change.

Global Warming Ad

Poster: Heritage Forest Campaign Comment Drive
As part of its comment drive on changes to the Roadless Area Conservation Rule, the Heritage Forests Campaign sent this poster to local groups around the country, for them to distribute to outdoor recreational retailers, activists, etc.

HFC Poster

CD Label: Clear The Air
In 2004, Clear The Air created a Flash application that allows users to zoom-in to power plants in their area to see what pollutants they emit. CTA used this label on a CD version of the application that was distributed to the media.

CTA CD Label

Flier: Photo Restoration
Several years ago, my father, a long-time amateur photographer, was learning Photoshop and considered starting a photo-restoration business where he lives in East Texas. This flier was for distribution through genealogy groups and historical association.

Photo Restoration Flier