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e.designs works with commercial companies, non-profit organizations and trade associations to help them make the most of the opportunities offered by the Internet. We work on projects of greatly differing sizes — from database-driven ecommerce sites to five-page brochureware sites.

We can help set an online campaign's goals and message from the beginning, create an organization or site's logo, design the site's look and feel, produce the pages, write and edit copy, and prepare banner ads and other animations for site promotion. Once the site's built, we can maintain it or train clients to handle routine updates themselves. Throughout the process, we use our experience to make the Internet work for our clients.

Site Planning, Organization and Architecture

The most important part of most web projects is the beginning: determining what an online effort is supposed to achieve and how to achieve it with the resources available. What is the goal? Who is the audience? What is the message?

e.designs has extensive experience helping clients set their online direction, ranging from campaign planning to basic information architecture to message development.

Graphic Design

We have over six years' experience designing web sites that are both visually compelling and that convey the appropriate image for clients. Our goal: distinctive designs that are accessible, easy to navigate and that present information effectively.

Additionally, we can call upon experts in specialized fields such as logo design or the preparation of print brochures when needed for specific projects.

Software/System Design

e.designs has a team of talented programmers and system engineers to work on complex "back ends" for technologically advanced sites. We have designed and implemented systems ranging from simple SQL databases to full-scale web search engines, using technologies including PERL, C++ and Java.

We are particularly skilled at using the right mix of off-the-shelf and custom software to get the most benefit out of clients' resources. We often rely on open-source solutions such as Linux or FreeBSD to maximize capabilities while minimizing costs.

Flash Animation

In addition to tradition animated .gifs, e.designs can create animations using Macromedia Flash. Flash animation has quickly become a web standard, and allows more complex motion and larger images while minimizing file size and download time. e.designs can also use Flash to create complicated applications, including games, quizzes and even entire sites.


The best site in the world is useless if no one knows about it, so e.designs works with clients to spread the word about their web presence.

Our experienced P.R. and marketing consultants can create and implement marketing plans with both online and offline components, including web banner advertisements, email marketing (opt-in only; no spam), direct mail and traditional broadcast media. We work with clients to find the best mix of strategies to reach the right audience.


The most-overlooked part of most websites is also usually the most important: text. Most sites exist to spread information about an organization or to sell products, usually through words. Yet many sites treat text as an afterthought, and accordingly risk losing the visitors they've worked so hard to bring in.

e.designs has professional writers with experience working within the constraints of the online world. We can help craft or revise pages to draw readers into the site, giving them the information they need clearly and concisely and without confusion.


Once a site's built, the hard part begins: keeping it up-to-date. Few things repel readers more than clear evidence that a site has fallen woefully behind in updating content.

e.designs can enter into a long-term contract to maintain a site and can also train clients' staff to update text and graphics themselves.